About Us


Company Profile

Hitech Electrocomponents Pvt Ltd was founded in 1982 (as Hitech Products Corporation) in the city of Hubli, located in the state of Karnataka. We have since then become one of the premier makers of capacitors under the brand names “El-Ci-Ar” Capacitors ,servicing the electronics industry and “Borger” Ignition Condensers , for the automobile industry. “El-Ci-Ar” is synonymous with quality mainly because of our stringent quality control methods, which has been perfected over the past two decades.
“Borger” is the only brand in India used for the entire two and three wheeler ignition condenser replacement market. Our horn capacitors are now being deployed in the entire two and three wheeler market. Under the “ElCiAr” brand we currently manufacture plastic film capacitors, metallized dip capacitors, IGBT and snubber capacitors. We are continually investing in R&D, innovating rigorously to develop new markets.

Manufacturing / Research & Development

Our Unit is located at Tarihal Industrial Area, Hubli with a total built up area of 18000 square feet.
A fully integrated capacitor manufacturing unit with a current capacity of 50 million with plans to upgrade capacity to 100 million units with state of the art machinery imported from Taiwan.
The entire manufacturing process is done under climate controlled conditions.
Our film capacitors use oil impregnation technology which is a homegrown technology and perfected for mass manufacture.
Our film capacitors have a lot of advantages over metallized capacitors which have been listed below.
  • Higher dv/dt rating, higher peak current capacity, higher insulation resistance over metallized capacitors. 
  • Oil impregnation of film capacitors acts as a coolant at higher temperatures and prevents breakdown. 
  • Mode of failure in film capacitors is in short circuit mode versus open circuit mode for metallized capacitors. 

Our Goals

The technological revolution sweeping India has brought about a significant amount of progress across various sectors. After the onset of the telecom revolution in the late ’80s, our resistors have been finding pride of place in all C-DOT emanated telecom products. In 1986, the result of extensive R & D activity was oil-impregnated radial lead box type capacitors and axial lead capacitors molded in plastic tubes.
Today, these form a major portion of our product range and have been widely popular. During the last two decades, we have been adding a number of items to our list of products. From RC Network blocks to capacitors for microwave ovens, or capacitors for automobile horns to capacitors for CDI systems, we have developed key products for specialized uses.

Our Vision

The electronics industry is one of the most dynamic and innovative growth sectors in the world. With our know-how in vehicle electronics we want to support you in the development of new technologies and functions using our flexible solutions.
Our whole company is committed in providing top of the line quality products.Through continuous improvement in all areas, we aim to achieve total customers’ satisfaction. We conceive and incorporate cutting-edge technology in our production environment, so guaranteeing customers state-of-the-art manufacturing methods for their products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our products available in the length and breadth of the country through a well established distributor network and through countrywide dealer outlets. Our products with an established capacity of ten million units today take pride in serving the needs of the industry through a highly proven quality and reliability, fast and prompt service, a wide and diverse range and all this at reasonable prices.